Maggie passed on January 8, 2016. She was 52 years old. She was a beautiful, unique and private person.
She did not socialize much but the people that got to know her found a smart, funny and caring person.

Pictures of Maggie

Maggie loved animals of all kinds.
About 20 years ago she decided she would no longer eat mammals and she kept this up the rest of her life. She had a close connection to the animals and knew how to get along with them.
Peanut was her horse, he was brushed every morning and evening. When we had problems with the farrier not showing up she learned to trim his hooves herself. Over the years we have had many dogs and cats. Most have been strays with an instinct for finding a loving home. Maggie also had indoor dogs that were truly pampered. They slept in the bed and received constant attention. Petie the Chihuahua and Bijou the Japanese Chin are no longer with us. Willie the Blue Heeler, Gus and JoJo the Pekingese and Buddha the Bichonpoo are still with us and I will do my best to emulate the total devotion Maggie had for these dogs.
She liked to watch movies.
I never figured out how she did it but she could always find a good movie out of the quagmire of shows on satellite and internet. She frequently found good foreign films. She was a master with the remotes.
She liked video games.
She could play all kinds of video games and was good at all of them. The video games gave her a good outlet to relieve her frustration with all the bad things that happen in the world.
Maggie liked to read.
She was an avid reader and frequently had a book, tablet, or kindle in her hand.
She loved Halloween.
She would dress up (normally with some animal theme), make costumes for the dogs, bake cakes. She loved to come up with new designs for the pumpkin. Maggie was an artist.
She could paint and draw. She would make beautiful handmade cards for birthdays and anniversaries. She would take various items and put them together to make something new. Maggie loved stickers and used them to embellish her things. She was great with colors and decorating. I taught her the guitar and she quickly exceeded my capability and had to consult YouTube. She could also sing, play the clarinet, piano, accordion, and flute.
She liked to sew.
Once she got the sewing machine she made curtains and clothes. She would repair and extend the life of things that wore out. She taught herself crochet with YouTube videos. She made warm blankets and hats.
She could cook healthy.
She experimented with various vegetarian ingredients producing meals that, despite my initial scepticism, turned out to be delicious She taught me to cook healthy foods as well.
Maggie had style.
Maggie always came up with unique style choices. She found her own way with fashion. She especially loved animal related clothing. She was always beautiful even in her outfits she made from old bedsheets. She would mix and match things from different places to come up with her own original style.
Maggie liked to travel to wildlife destinations.
She overcame her anxieties and travelled outside the country to see animals in their native habitat. We went to Costa Rica four times and saw all four monkey species there as well as sloth, puma and many birds in their native habitat. She learned Spanish so we could get the better guides that don't speak English. We went to the Peruvian Amazon three times, deep in the jungle to search for and find rare monkey species. She braved extremely difficult living conditions just to see the animals in the wild. We also went to Mexico, Olympic National Park, New Mexico, Louisiana (where she was born), Mississippi and Florida. Many times we hiked and camped in Texas parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
Maggie volunteered at the Monkey Sanctuary.
She loved going to see the monkeys and her friend on Sundays. She knew most of the monkeys' names and the monkeys liked her. She would prepare a day or two in advance chopping kiwi and preparing snacks for the monkeys.
Maggie loved her farm.
She frequently mentioned that she preferred to stay on this side of the cattle guard. She made trails in the woods to walk the dogs and look for wildlife. She put out critter cams and got pictures of: Deer, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, foxes, bobcats, hogs, skunks, coyotes, and various birds. She helped design the house renovations and did the painting. She outfitted her truck with crates for taking the dogs to the vet. Going to the vet to see her friends and get the animals checked was one of the few things that would get her off the farm. She had several groups of deer that she fed. She also had many birds at her bird feeder. One day she said "do you hear that?" I said "what?" she said "that is a new bird song". We went outside and saw several painted buntings hanging out in her oak trees. We had never seen them before on our property and are difficult to spot in the wild.

Maggie will be missed by everyone who knew her closely.
Somehow we will have to survive without her unique light.
In memory of Maggie, please hug and kiss your significant others, and be kind to your animals.
There are so many more good things I could say about my wife, she took very good care of me for over 24 years.
I will love you and miss you forever,
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